It has been a week since I started dating Yunnie, but nobody at school knows, of cause. Luckily, Yunnie has no interest in her, so I’m happy. Like every morning, I hop out of bed and have a quick shower. I blew dried my hair and styled it. I walked out of my room finding Yunho in front of me. I’m not a girl! Oh they already know I cross-dress. Well they fount out. I was shocked of what he said. I looked down ashamed and tears were threaten to fall.

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Formation With the disbandment of H. Entertainment had to search for another boy band to compete against other popular idol groups in the growing K-pop market. In early , Lee eventually selected five teenage boys from four different S. Xiah Junsu, the first to join the new group, became an S. Kangta, Battle of the Century, a series that starred former H. U-Know Yunho, who signed with S.

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Romance; Drama Warning s: Jaejoong understands that Yunho and Changmin are struggling. After all, they did come out to the entire world and get fired from SME. He’ll be there for them, because Junsu can’t see the point and Yoochun has his own problems. Yunho and Changmin are dating, but Jaejoong is quick to realize that everything is just a little more complicated than that. And how are the Soulmate duo supposed to cope with the term: How do i put this However, it is able to make you continue reading because you will definitely want to find out what happened.

The author is able to drop many hints before explaining them in later chapters, and by doing that, they create even more questions in your head. While i was reading it, it was honestly an emotional roller-coaster.

[YJ/Manhua] Dating On Earth

Posted 28 December – Friends fight, break up, make up, it’s a human nature, and they are human and they also think different, it doesn’t mean they can’t be friends because of this stuff Yunho’s father is not the only one man that have this way of ‘raising a son to be a man’, it’s our culture. We are not like a dorama, don’t think about us in a romantic way always.

I’m not Korean, but Japanese. We are taught from childhood, always being the best and always win, we always have to be 1, the feelings remain in the background, sorry, but this is our reality, then, do not expect any western-style rebellion on the part of our boys.

Kim Jaejoong was an angel that kept getting himself into trouble. When he finally manages to make his biggest mistake to date, he finds himself exiled back to Earth. Jung Yunho was a very rich yet uncaring businessman who believed that money could buy everything, from love to people. A challenge.

Saya cuma pinjam nama. Yunho milik Jaejoong dan Jaejoong milik Yunho. Suasana kamar rawat Jaejoong cukup ramai kini. Tiga orang yang Yunho ingat sebagai sahabat Jaejoong datang berkunjung. Di tengah obrolan Jaejoong dengan ketiga sahabatnya itu, Yunho mendapat telepon dari ayahnya. Panggilan telepon yang memberitahukan bahwa Jaejoong sudah boleh pulang dan Jihoo telah melunasi seluruh biaya administrasinya.

Namun lelaki paruh baya itu masih disibukkan dengan urusan di perusahaannya hingga meminta Yunho untuk mengantar Jaejoong pulang. Selesai dengan teleponnya, Yunho kembali masuk ke dalam ruang rawat Jaejoong. Memberi tahu sang kekasih perihal apa yang dikatakan sang ayah dalam sambungan telepon tadi ketika raut wajah Jaejoong menampakkan ekspresi penuh tanya.

Maksudku, apakah masih mungkin jika aku pulang ke rumah Hankyung appa?


Yoochun mentally smacked himself upside the head. Jaejoong looked very happy with Yunho. Knowing that his best friend was happy?

Pairing: Yunjae Rating: NC (alcohol, smexy time) Length: Doubleshot Genre: Humour, Romance, Smut, Fluff Disclaimer: If I actually owned these characters, this story would be a regular occurance and Changmin would never be hungry. Summary: Jaejoong is Seoul’s best bartender.

With the person named ‘ Kim Jaejoong’ -U. And it completed it’s mission. To make me smile. I sighed, I put the poem back to the envelope and found another paper. It’s another sketch, but this time, It’s me. Then There’s another message beside it.

Dating On Earth: YunJae Storyline (Remember Me 1/6)

Hurt… Daddy… no more…” Jaejoong on gripping the end of the sofa tightly, tears falling down on his cheeks, from the pleasure or from the pain only Jaejoong know, his ass high in the air, his white ass cheek redden from the spank that Yunho gave him. But daddy heart is more hurting when seeing you with that fucker. He loved the red-pinkish mark from the belt that he made on his step-son butt. I-I didn’t mean for this to be happen… Ah!

I only want to have fun with my friend… I didn’t know it could lead to this… Ah! After 20 spank, Yunho stop and throw away the belt.

Vidder’s Note: The storyline below is actually the prequel to the verse I’m creating. This is my own effing version of Dating on Earth because I am YunJae deprived and just gosh, darn it! I miss my YUNJAE! There might be some 2u friendship but it’s YunJae all the way. And wahahahaha, the wife is now the noona and of course, the concerned teacher.

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Y Đình “Chúng ta vẫn cùng nhau bước trên một con đường. Tuy điểm khác biệt là người đi trước kẻ đi sau nhưng vào một ngày nào đó chắc chắn sẽ cùng gặp lại nhau ở điểm kết thúc.”.


Dating On Earth (2010)


Cassiopeia | Yunjae Shipper | Mencintai Apa Adanya Abang Tiang Maxfood, Si Riweuh Herokitty, Yunniebear Ndut, Suie Duckbutt And Uchun Jenong:v ALWAYS KEEP .