These little black wisps of ink, blurring back and forth as they move their hands and express themselves and judge others about their married boyfriends, cheating boyfriends, or boyfriends with penises that may or may not be working correctly. The forearm is the worst place for a tattoo because it will constantly remind both the wearer and the looker of the folly of youth. Look at Scheana and Kristen, who both sport treble-clef tattoos on their wrists that they invariably got when they were year-old seniors on an overnight trip with their show choir when dreams of musical-theater fame still blossomed under their extension-dragged scalps. We all know that is not true. Speaking of judging women, the best part of this episode, by far, is the whole interlude between James Kennedy, the scream that you make when trapped in a car underwater, and SUR server Ellie. I think we should officially start calling them all SURvers. This is probably because she has an accent as mysterious and fatal as the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Meet The Vanderpump Rules Cast

Did Jax Sleep with Kristen? Is Vanderpump Rules real or fake? There will be big surprises that will change the relationship of the cast, and set up the storyline for next season.

Lisa Vanderpump, the restaurateur who most recently added TomTom (and co-owners Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, the comedic-relief-maybe-sensitive-kinda-dumb-hot .

Main[ edit ] Lisa Vanderpump: Jax is a bartender at SUR and a model. Kristen was a server at SUR [21] and is an aspiring actress. Scheana is a server at SUR, as well as a singer and an aspiring actress. The show follows her pursuits in the entertainment world. Season 1—3; 5—present, Guest appearances: Stassi used to be a server at SUR and previously wrote a fashion blog column for Pandora. Family Edition with her father Mark, stepmother Char, and brother Hunter they were eliminated in 7th place and later in Queen Bees she finished 6th place.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Update: OK! Hails Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix as the ‘Sexiest Couple’

Bravo It is no secret to my my friends, my colleagues, my parents, my therapist, or my cats that I love “Vanderpump Rules,” maybe just a little too much. But even I have a tough time sitting through three hours of reunion specials, since all Bravo’s reunions really are are a group of bitter humans who just spent months of their lives watching their friends drag them on television airing out grievances, both real and imagined, while Andy Cohen gets drunk on martinis and occasionally asks a very personal question.

They’re mean, they’re ugly, and no one ever comes out the winner, because it’s hard to “win” anything by shouting over someone else as they try to make a stupid point about something that happened nine months ago. Actually, I take that back — Ramona “won” the last “Real Housewives of New York” reunion, but only because she fell asleep while her cast mates spoke about their dead husbands, and it was astonishing: Bravo But no one won the “Pump Rules” reunion.

Tom and Ariana, our other long-term couple, continue to show up the rest of the staff with their laid-back but responsible relationship. They work together, live together, and work out together.

Billie, who was introduced during last season of Vanderpump Rules as the first openly transgender cast member also slammed her co-stars for “excluding” from the event. Thirty minutes later, Scheana also posted the flyer, tagging Billie Lee in her Instagram post. Many fans of the show shared screenshots of Billie promoting the event on social media, which she deleted prior to her claims. She then allegedly went to Twitter where she claimed that she hadn’t been invited.

A person is a person is a person,” wrote Doute. Meanwhile, Stassi and Schwartz came for their co-stars defense and called out Billie for being “melodramatic. I tried to stay out of this but this is just too much.

Tom & Ariana Clear Up Crazy “Vanderpump Rules” Fight

By far and away the most popular woman on the edition. Young attractive somethings all working in the same place. I smell major drama. Check out the entire cast and their bios below. Kristen Doute Kristen started modeling and acting as a child and has been at SUR for five years, which is longer than almost anyone on staff.

Katie is finding that SUR has become her full-time job and the center of her social life.

There is a couple named Katie and Tom (#Tom #1 dates Ariana, but used to date Kristen, who used to date James) who would seem the most normal, but upon closer review are disasterous, just the same.

Their wedding, on the other hand, would be disaster personified. Louis native rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric; having cast as one of the leads in Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules. He has also showcased his musical talents on his hit reality TV show. To enlighten our readers with Tom, we have here assembled some exciting wikis. He also has a brother named, Brian Sandoval. In addition to acting, he plays guitar for the band Pierce the Arrow.

Before making his debut as one of the lead cast in Vanderpump Rules, the St. Luis native starred in several movies including the flick Playing With Fire, the movie Puppet Master: Axis of Evil and the movie 23 Minutes to Sunrise. At the time when Vanderpump Rules first made it to the TV screen of many homes in , Tom portrayed the role of an unfaithful lover. However, the seasons that preceded the first showed his then-girlfriend Kristen Doute cheating on him. Controversies are synonymous with reality TV stars, albeit scripted.

Episode List

Bravo Relive ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 5 Reunion “Why don’t you worry about your own goddamn marriage and stop worrying about my man,” Lala tells Katie. Lala Kent was less than thrilled that her big return to “Vanderpump Rules” was met with the same fuel that sparked her swift departure from the series during Season 5.

On Monday’s episode, Scheana Marie told Lala that Katie Maloney made yet another comment about Lala’s “married boyfriend” while the ladies were discussing an upcoming trip to Las Vegas. Scheana told Katie that she and Lala would be flying to Sin City via a private jet, courtesy of Lala’s boyfriend. View Story “Get the f-ck up outta here, bitch,” an angry Lala said.

The Vanderpump Rules season finale airs tonight on Bravo. Before settling in to say good-bye, for now, to Stassi, Jax, Brittany, Lala, and the rest, come remember all .

I am 32 years-old and married to my best friend. Another one of my passions, of course, is to escape into the world of TV, which is where this journey began. My goal in starting AllThingsRH. I am proud of the diversity this site has to offer. I misread it as 15K for the entire season. Rain I think that raise for the cast is well deservrd, especially after how little they were paid for the first 2 seasons.

I totally agree Amy And I love it because these kids dollar stretches much further than the housewives! They could find some new blood. Id Like to see more of Peter.

Vanderpump Rules Cast Salaries Revealed

She also posted photos of her and her female co-stars enjoying a pool day in early August. That’s something that we’ve been really saving our money for, and we really want to travel the world together and that’s something that’s really important to both of us. The make is looking me that doesn’t set my feelings because there’s no significant in it. I want to be with him and we have a lot of future plans together. With the group all together for a few days, the couple used this opportunity to confront Scheana about why, when asked about Ariana’s wellbeing, she sent text messages to Ariana’s mom in which she called out Tom for being cocky, selfish, and manipulative.

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Visiting the bar that Vanderpump Rules built is like going to “the Disney World of Bravo.” Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules say their new restaurant aims to raise the bar in bar.

While Lisa has been putting the finishing touches on her new hot spot, her current and former SUR staffers continue to lead entangled lives. For a sneak peek of what’s to come, please click: For Tom, life couldn’t be better until his ex comes after him with allegations that could destroy his new relationship.

Kristen is now dating James, a much younger busboy, but her continued interest in Tom threatens to ruin it all. Eager to upgrade their status to “engaged,” Katie is still in a seemingly loving and stable relationship with Tom Schwartz, but he isn’t quite ready to settle down and finds himself at the center of numerous incriminating rumors. Jax is on a path to self-improvement by reconciling his friendship with Tom Sandoval, taking his therapy seriously and scheduling a nose job; however, a simple love life eludes him as he begins to date two girls at the same time.

The last anyone heard, Stassi found a new boyfriend, quit her job at SUR and moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion, but now she has followed her boyfriend back to Los Angeles and is disgusted to discover that nothing has changed with her former friends and co-workers. Part one of the reunion earned a series high among all key demos with over 2. Nielsen Media Research L7.

Vanderpump Rules Reunion: Tom Sandoval Reveals Secrets

Kristen, Katie, and Stassi refused to believe Scheana didn’t know Eddie Cibrian was married when they dated. Later, when Kristen and Tom were breaking up, the group was consumed with whether or not Tom had cheated with Ariana and whether or not Kristen and Jax had slept together. When Lala Kent entered the scene in Season 4, the group became newly obsessed with her mysterious boyfriend and were convinced the NDAs she made James and others sign before partying with them were because the man was married.

Tom and Ariana are a couple now – so maybe Kristen wasn’t entirely crazy after all. Ariana’s a little too smug about it and it kinda made me want to smack her. And I don’t even like Kristen.

After the Season 2 finale of Vanderpump Rules aired, Tom finally kicked Kristen Doute and her cheating to the curb, and hooked up with long-time friend Ariana Madix. Ironically Kristen spent the majority of Season 2 of Vanderpump Rules accusing Tom of cheating on her with Ariana, in the finale we learned that Tom did actually kiss Ariana three years ago, but the real cheater was actually Kristen!

After the reunion aired on Bravo, and Tom and Ariana announced they were together, Kristen Doute was furious. Kristen gave an exclusive interview to In Touch Magazine and claimed that just last month Tom cheated on Ariana and made out with her in a hotel room in NYC. No wonder Stassi Schroeder ran to other side of the country to get away from her Sur co-workers.

Now, Tom is threatening to release the video tapes to the press to prove that he never touched her that night, let alone made out with her, in his hotel room. We were leaning towards believing Tom on this one, but then he went back on Instagram and deleted the entire post claiming that Kristen Doute was lying, which is really suspicious.

Tom & Ariana Are Confused By Lala Quitting “Vanderpump Rules”