Share this article Share The adrenaline junkie then leaps into the air and somersaults over once as he tumbles towards the ground. Releasing his parachute, he steadily glides to safety and skillfully touches down on the concrete below. The enormous Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia is the tallest telecommunication tower in South East Asia and a popular landmark among baseline jumpers. In , he brought slacklining into popular culture by performing alongside Madonna at the Superbowl half-time show. Madonna was so in awe of the sportsman that she asked him to come on tour with her. But Mr Lewis turned the offer down because he wanted to continue travelling the world living the ‘slacklife’. He described this lifestyle as ‘about finding your passions and doing your best’. After releasing his parachute he steadily glides to safety as the camera tracks his nail-biting descent Footage shows him skillfully touching down on the concrete below after the incredible jump The enormous Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia is the tallest telecommunication tower in South East Asia and a popular landmark among baseline jumpers Share or comment on this article: Adrenaline junkie jumps off Kuala Lumpur Tower wearing a parachute.

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Reply guna July 16, at 7: Reply Trevor February 17, at 3: Your SE Asia girl ranking chart is remarkably percipient for one so youthful. Reply sirmarjalot March 25, at 8: I think going to the mall is the place to meet women there. Reply moe August 14, at 4:

Kuala Lumpur Highlights Sightseeing Tour with King’s Palace. Perfect for first-time visitors, this three-hour tour provides a comprehensive introduction to Kuala Lumpur’s famous sights, leaving you with a knowledgeable base for exploring the city at your leisure.

Longtime reader, brand new poster, wanted to give back etc etc. I’ve noticed Malaysia gets no respect on this forum. For all the guys here living or dreaming of living in southeast Asia, there are maybe three threads that cover KL at any length, and those are pretty superficial. We got dudes triangulating Bangkok pussy soi-by-soi with laser guided precision, we got the ins and outs of Hong Kong and Tokyo girls discussed in detail that is at once inspiring and god damn disgusting, and meanwhile millions of beautiful young girls go about their humdrum Malaysian lives completely unmolested by our game-running ways.

I mean, I’m working it hard down here, but KL’s a huge city and I’m only one man with admittedly the genitals of three, but I digress. There’s a lot of good women blossoming, getting hitched, getting fat, and going to waste without ever once getting properly negged. It’s a damn shame, and one I mean to rectify. So here’s a KL data sheet with the good, the bad, and how to avoid the uggoes.

American, mid-twenties, living and working in KL for over a year now. I make decent money and have a nice-ish place but nothing inordinately grand. I’m white, in good shape, and height trolls, lean forward stand a scant five-foot-eight.

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Business Hours Retail shops generally open from Government offices operate from 8. Banking hours are from 9. Currency The Malaysian currency is a decimal system, where Sen make 1 Ringgit. Coins come in 50Sen, 20Sen, 10Sen and 5Sen denominations. Money changers are commonly found in commercial areas and accept most major currencies.

This site is all about traveling to hook up, and when comparing Kuala Lumpur vs Bangkok for single men there really isn’t much of a comparison to be made. There is a little mongering in one and world class mongering in the other.

Demand for prostitution has created a problem of people trafficking from China and other nearby countries. Sexual services, however, are widely available and laws banning prostitution remain largely unenforced. Kuala Lumpur is a dynamic place and a nice size. It is quite developed and safe with wonderful parks. Indians, Chinese and Malays all inhabit this pleasurable city. KL is very active city for mongers.

The Malay Girls Malaysian law is pretty strict on native Malay muslims drinking, as a result it is unlikely to encounter Malay girls at night.

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Amit saudi women are always seen in horrible burkhas and fat husbands, this is a truth Lawrence Brandon Rayar The facts are wrong, please revise and get credible reference. Did you even need to read it to know what it was going to be about? Reality check…even the most gentleman, or the quiet nerd, or whomever male you discuss, their subjective experience is essentially relative to women…so just accept it and try not to be so angry all the time….

The day you stop looking, is the day you die. Now on the points in this very funny read.

Malaysian Sugar Mama in Kuala Lumpur wants your phone contacts – We have received another request from a Sugar Mum staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and she wants your phone contacts to get in touch with any lucky man in the type of woman needs a soft and kind man who is not into games. She described herself very well.

To decrease frustration, it would be wise to understand more about Air Asia. Due to the amount of repeated question asked, I have decided to post AirAsia FAQ to allow users to seek answer without needing to wait. But hey, they are humans too so they might miss out 1 or 2 questions or even reply later than you expected. Can I change name on AirAsia ticket? Please note that name change option will no longer be available for all destinations effective 25th July For an error, misspelling, or wrong sequence, changes will only be allowed for the following: What if I plan to cancel my AirAsia flight?

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To ensure the Contractor executes in full compliance with the term and conditions of the Contract, Local Government Regulation and Laws. Review, evaluate and monitor the Contractor execution plan and physical progress to ensure its schedule completion and review contractor shop drawing prior to commencement for fabrication. Collect, maintain and distribute all documents necessary to define product configuration and control manufacturing processes that insure conformance for Operations requirements.

Develop and maintain a comprehensive filing system and computer database for all documents to be retained in the document control center.

President Duterte, who is in Kuala Lumpur, is now on his way to the Axiata Arena, to watch his political ally, Sen. Manny Pacquiao rough it up with Argentine boxer Lucas Matthysse. July 15,

I will be in KL but sharing an apartment. Do the girls at BC only do outcalls? If a girl will accept money to go to your place, its almost certain that she will accept money to escort you to a nearby hotel, if you can’t take her home. Its not likely they would be living anywhere posh anyways, if they wouldn’t want to take you to their place if that’s what you mean. I hope you realize that there is much, much more to KL than the Beach Club.

While not exactly a good mongering destination but a great place for a layover you have more options than the well beaten path to one particular club where Westerners apparently flock to like moths to a fire, to hook up with girls who will charge you more than the local price for what could be mediocre service. I asked a local punter I hung with what he thought of the place and he responded that it was expensive and yes, the service could be good for that price.

But also it could be disappointing, and it wasn’t a place he would go to. You didn’t mention where you are staying, but KL is a large, sprawling metropolis, and there are brothels operating as under the guise of massage parlors scattered throughout the various neighborhoods of the metropolitan area. And they do advertise on the internet, and yes it is fairly easy to determine their orientation by the nature of their content.

Again, KL is not a premier mongering destination for those passing through. But, it hits me as a good place for the locals to monger, as there are places in different neighborhoods I. Close to home and they are inconspicuous among other legit businesses, so you are not seen entering a red light distance or anything marked as a sexually oriented business.

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Rio Ribaya Staying fit takes a lot of hard work and sweat. It eats up a lot of time too, much to the dismay of busy executives and dedicated parents. But in the age of advancing digital age, this may no longer be the case thanks to Electronic Muscle Stimulation or EMS training. As the name suggests, this technology uses electric impulses to recreate the natural process of voluntary muscular contractions.

Hock Choon is a supermarket located on Jalan Ampang, right next to the Victoria Station. Hock Choon is usually frequented by the many expats in the area as it carries a lot of imported goods. You can get imported cereal, peanut butter, chocolates etc. here.

Langkawi has natural elements which you might want to enjoy. Sailing, kayaking, jungle trekking are one of the easiest activities in Langkawi. On the one hand, you may also love lavish forests, white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves, limestone cliffs, and mangroves. Do you fall in love with the wildlife in this area through many pictures? If you say yes, it could be the time to make a detailed plan to come to Langkawi. You might start the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi because it is easier than other ways.

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