You can expect coming of-age-drama. Some tension in the air between boys and girls. You can also expect some trouble-in-paradise drama. The residents were sun-dappled and towheaded. A patina of wealth reflected brightly off of everyone in this seemingly hardship-free bubble. We first saw it fictionalized on The O. One year later, MTV brought us the real story of the O. In finding Lauren, the producers struck gold.

Where Are The Stars of MTV’s Laguna Beach Now?

The Real Orange County” is coming up soon. Sorry if we just made everyone feel that much older. But everyone grows up.

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Well, there was certainly plenty of it to go around during season 1 of Laguna Beach! Until recently the California enclave of Laguna Beach was best known for its pristine beaches and multimillion dollar homes. But in , MTV unleashed the first season of Laguna Beach, which featured gorgeous teens leading glamorous lives, and viewers discovered what lay beneath the surface of this seemingly perfect community. It was time to get to know the real Orange County.

What did these rich kids do all day long? But their lives weren’t perfect, and money didn’t buy everything. From spring break to prom to graduation, the Laguna Beach posse took us along for the ride of their lives and showed us the real-life drama that unfolded during their pivotal senior year in high school. And it all started with the “Black and White” party thrown by LC and the gang. The de facto leader of the season 1 Laguna Beach bunch was down-to-earth LC, who harbored a lifelong crush on her surfer friend Stephen.

But Stephen was sort of going out with LC’s “rival,” Kristin. So wherever the three of them went, drama followed. From the very first episode of Laguna Beach, the attraction between LC and Stephen was obvious, and Kristin was not happy about it. During a party at Trey’s house, Stephen told Kristin that he was heading home early and then snuck off to LC’s house. But Laguna Beach is a small town, and word traveled fast.

Stephen Colletti Pics

The Real Orange County. The reality show took teens by storm as it filmed a group of high school students and their exuberant, drama-filled lives. It is pretty safe to call it people’s first guilty pleasure in reality television.

Who could forget the most popular and coveted boy at Laguna High? The third piece in the Kristin-LC love triangle, he broke a lot of hearts. So where is he now?

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Share 70 shares Upon entering the water, she had her blonde hair pulled into a simple bun and she glowed, having picked up an impressive tan on her stay already. Bosworth recently moved back to Southern California after spending the last several years in New York. Wearing a curve-highlighting one piece bathing suit, the year-old former Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County cast member almost lost her top as she exited the water Social it: She latter added, ‘Because I’m home and I’ve been feeling really good, I’m feeling inspired to create a lot of content, and I think for me this year, I want to focus in on food a lot more, I don’t know if you know, but I’m a classically trained French chef.

The Hills alum’s form-hugging swimwear highlighted her enviable curves as she hit the waves Since , the writer and entrepreneur has been part of Lady Lovin’, a weekly podcast with Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titelman. The show was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Podcast earlier this year. Upon entering the water, she had her blonde hair pulled into a simple bun and she glowed, having picked up an impressive tan on her stay already Read more:

Who is stephen from laguna beach dating 2018

The Real Orange County made her an overnight star. But the now year-old doesn’t look back on the time with much fondness. Scroll down for video Fake-out:

Stephen August Colletti was born on February 7, in Laguna Beach, CA. He portrayed Chase Adams in One Tree Hill Stephen started acting in small, local theaters when he was just 11 years old.

In it, she takes readers back to her “Laguna Beach” days during her rocky relationship with Stephen Colletti. Cavallari was a fan favorite on the hit MTV reality series, and her love triangle with Colletti and Lauren Conrad became a central part of the show thanks, largely in part, to producers. Cavallari, who was often portrayed as the antagonist on the show, recounts one particular episode when the teens are in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She and Colletti got in an argument, during which he called her a derogatory name.

The fact that I didn’t take life too seriously and was a bit of a party animal didn’t often put me in a good light. On a trip to Cabo San Lucas, when Stephen and I were actually broken up, I jumped up on the bar to dance with my girlfriends. Then I kissed a guy I was seeing at the time, completely unaware of how my actions were affecting Stephen only teenagers are able to be so self-involved! Not one of my better moments!

Then Stephen started shouting ‘slut! It was a scene. There are certainly some clips I wish I could erase from everyone’s memory. MTV Despite the heated arguments, the two had a solid relationship. When we saw each episode, it was clear to us what was real and what was fake

Laguna Beach and The Hills: from Lauren Conrad to Brody Jenner, where are they now?

Edit Their senior year is winding down and the kids from Laguna Beach are just getting started for their summer of fun Lo, LC, Morgan and Christina are the most popular senior girls in school. The four get together one gorgeous afternoon to discuss how they can begin their last summer together. One name that some of the girls aren’t so comfortable with is Kristin.

Stephen Colletti: Laguna’s hottie Stephen Colletti was the boy every girl wanted. He practically begged high school girlfriend Kristin to visit him in San Francisco every weekend when he was away at college.

Follow the Leader Foreign Queasine: Frothy Mugs of Water: In this case, the ubiquitous red cups that appear during every party helpfully provided by the production crew, of course. Hollywood California In with the In Crowd: What happens to Tessa before the third season and Raquel during the third season. Both of them fall in with the clique led by Kendra and Cami, and both eventually get their senses back and return to their old friends. Jason loves Lauren, Jessica and Christina.

Stephen loves Lauren and Kristin.

”Laguna Beach”: It’s breakup season!

But the tides roll on, and the teen stars of this groundbreaking reality series are now in their thirties. Let’s check in on these West Coast characters to see what they’re up to today. He studied at San Francisco State University , then decided to pursue a career in acting. One thing led to another, and Colletti eventually snagged his first significant acting gig on One Tree Hill , becoming a recurring character on the TV series.

At the time of this writing, Colletti’s latest notable endeavor was a musical flick called Summer Forever.

Stephen Colletti was born in Newport Beach, California. His father is of Italian American descent. He is the youngest child to an older brother, John, and sister, Lauren. Stephen spent much of his life in the beachside community of Laguna Beach. He grew up with an interest in water sports with his dad. At age 11, Stephen gained an interest in acting.

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Hook ups, house parties, high school drama—it was all too good to miss! Lauren was the all-American girl next door. She was devastated by the fact that she was in love with her guy BFF Stephen, who almost always chose her arch nemesis Kristin over her. He practically begged high school girlfriend Kristin to visit him in San Francisco every weekend when he was away at college. Stephen attended San Francisco State University before pursuing acting.

She’s a junior and is dating Laguna’s most-eligible bachelor, Stephen. Stephen is one of the hottest guys in town and is friends with practically everyone, especially LC. So begins the love triangle: Stephen and Kristin are pretty-much boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Real Orange County. The reality show took teens by storm as it filmed a group of high school students and their exuberant, drama-filled lives. The show went on to air three seasons after calling it quits in November Here is what the cast of Laguna Beach has been up to over the past 10 years. After graduating high school, Cavallari moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. In , Cavallari began dating Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, and after three years of dating and a called off engagement, the two got married on June 8,

What Happens in Cabo

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The happy news comes after a sad time for the dancer with her father, Stephen Louis Burke, passing away in March. Want to keep up on the latest from PEOPLE?

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Stephen Colletti On Dating Lauren Conrad