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E!’s The Platinum Life

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Bellamy ended up getting the guns, but their attack squad ran into Lincoln on the way out of Arkadia. He held them off long enough for the alarm to sound, and Kane and Abby arrested all the.

All pictures used were NOT screen capped by me. Feel free to edit these but do not claim as your own. These were created by Lexie. Please like or reblog if you use these! The is a disappointment this season. Octavia was sane before the bunker and six years turned her into that monster? She was herself again for once after Lincoln died when she called her brother before going into the bunker. It just makes no logical sense. Jason did his character dirty. Tasya is great but the character sucks.

I read the books before going into this show, so of course I wanted them together.

The 100 season 6 spoilers: Will Clarke and Bellamy finally get married in the new series?

Click to print Opens in new window Well, it happened. This is the Grounder valhalla? So they chase her. Lexa quickly dispatches the wave of agents as Clarke lies on a set of stairs and reaches for Lexa. They embrace, but soon Clarke collapses; her body is rejecting the flame. As soon as she stabilizes and is able to sit up, Clarke kisses Lexa.

The (pronunciato The Hundred) è una serie televisiva statunitense creata da Jason Rothenberg, in onda dal 19 marzo su The CW.. La serie viene trasmessa in italiano per la prima volta a partire dal 1º ottobre sul canale Premium Action e, in chiaro, a partire dal .

Apparently the tourists never go in there. Anyway, in the bookstore, standing by the 4, magazines, some of which must have circulations measured in the hundreds, was this former A- list singer. She is the one person in the group who could sing. She was actually reading some kind of kayak magazine. Apparently she wanted to see some reviews on a paddle board.

This is always tough. You have to be a fan, but not a psycho fan. How else unless they are more than a fan. You also have to consider that if they tell you a couple or three things and they end up here, then they will search back in their memory for a fat guy asking too many questions and look for you again. It is all a delicate balance.

Bob Morley, ‘The 100’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

As the government tries to uncover the truth behind this mysterious migration only one thing is certain: The lives of the people here — both the townspeople and these newcomers — will never be the same. The pilot is directed by Rob Bowman. The series is from ABC Studios. Alone in the world and unable to personally connect with those around him, Shaun uses his extraordinary medical gifts to save lives and challenge the skepticism of his colleagues. The series stars Freddie Highmore as Dr.

‘The ‘ is Finally Going to Move Past Ship Wars in Season 4 ‘The ‘ is a show that’s impossible to engage with without talking about shipping.

Also an oxymoron by the way. I like how in 5×13 Bellamy finally gave himself permission to check Clarke out. I feel like he shut down the hungry eyes pretty quick since unity day because he felt like she would never like him back. He looks so thrilled about it honestly. Haha I think the reason Season 1 felt different in that aspect is because it was all still so new to them. They just met, and I personally feel like Bellamy almost immediately developed a little crush on her aha.

A bit of flirtiness. Everything was simple and easy. And then 2×09 happens, and she sends him into the mountain and their relationship all of a sudden becomes really complicated. After that it never really becomes less complicated. Clarke leaving him was a turning point, where I was like okay I totally understand him now.

‘The 100’ Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers: Bellamy, Clark Romance Possible Next Season?

Oct 9, , The show follows several women whose significant others are big names in the music industry. Cast photos and bios follow:

Under the cut are # x bordered rp icons of Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake from Season 1 The CW’s The All pictures used were NOT screen capped by me. Feel free to edit these but do not claim as your own. Under the cut are #55 x bordered rp icons of Alycia Debnam Carey as Lexa from 2x Long Into an Abyss of The CW’s The

Trama[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] 97 anni dopo che una guerra nucleare globale ha sconvolto il pianeta Terra, del genere umano rimane solo una stazione spaziale, l’Arca, un complesso di 12 stazioni spaziali minori che si trovavano in orbita al momento del disastro. L’Arca ha leggi molto severe per mantenere l’ordine: Ma ora, l’arca sta morendo con l’aumento della popolazione e con il rapido deteriorarsi degli impianti di riciclo. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Episodi di The prima stagione.

Dopo un anno di isolamento, Clarke viene scelta insieme ad altri novantanove detenuti per essere mandata sulla Terra e constatarne le condizioni in modo tale che la razza umana vi possa tornare a vivere. Ai cento si aggiunge Bellamy, fratello di Octavia che fa parte dei Scopriranno di non essere soli su un pianeta che credevano totalmente disabitato e cercheranno in tutti i modi di restare vivi: Intanto sull’arca la situazione precipita in fretta; il Cancelliere Jaha e i suoi consiglieri Marcus Kane e Abby Griffin, cominciano a cercare una soluzione che possa salvare la loro gente.

L’ultima nave Exodus viene rubata durante un colpo di Stato e parte alla volta della Terra lasciando l’arca in condizioni di energia e ossigeno critiche. Jaha sacrificando se stesso riesce a dividere l’arca e inviare sulla Terra quel che resta del suo popolo. Episodi di The seconda stagione.

Alycia Bellamy Photos

Set sometime in the distant future, what is left of humanity lives on a giant space station called The Ark. Life on the Ark—well, it blows. Even the most minor of infractions can result in imprisonment or death. This ship is sent on a one-way mission to earth to determine if the planet can now sustain life. Basically, the kids are canaries in a coal mine.

Luckily for The , the planet can.

Spoilers for The season 3 follow!. The third episode of The ‘s third season was the most streamlined yet, leaving out any extraneous plotlines to focus solely on the conflict between the.

They also sang on songs such as “U”, which was featured on the latter ‘s recording Popular Demand. Other producers later joined D. B and production from DJ Mustard. The song was later announced to be the first single off his upcoming extended play EP. He stated that the EP would feature a new sound from him, and that it would be on a whole other level compared to his mixtapes. On February 23, , Ty Dolla Sign revealed that his debut studio album would be titled Free TC , and would be released during the third quarter of He told Revolt , that he had already completed eight songs for the album and that he would be going on tour , namely Under the Influence 3, with Wiz Khalifa during Ty Dolla Sign revealed that on October 13, , exactly one month before his album came out, he would release a new mixtape Airplane Mode.

The album was released on October 27, , and debuted at number 11 on the Billboard He was also featured on Drake ‘s album, Scorpion , on the song “After Dark.

E! Shares Photos Of “The Platinum Life” Cast Members; Show Premieres October 15

Thomas McDonell was a main cast member in both season 1 and season 2. However, Finn is never meant to be a character that we root for Clarke to be with. Finn, from the start, was not planned to be a long-term love interest for Clarke, but a first love. During the Finn relationship, we have Bellamy and Clarke building a foundation for their relationship, a friendship, and a lot of understanding.

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Unlike Will, she is the best friend of Warren Peace. Warren is in love with Haven, but she already has a boyfriend in Lash what happens when Will, whom Warren doesn’t like that much, arrives in Sky High? What happens when the Indominus Rex escapes and she starts to fall for one of her good friends’ nephew? When the world goes to hell, her life goes to hell as well. After an incident at her old school, she gets relocated to Lima, Ohio to live with her dad and brother.

As she joins, what happens when she falls in love with the leader of the rival glee club, The Warblers? Then, one day, it all changes when Amanda Waller assembles a task force that includes her, a hitman, the Joker’s girlfriend, an Aussie burglar, a pyrokinetic and a mutant to stop a greater force of evil. As Emma and her friends tackle woes from high school and take on crazy adventures, what happens when Emma falls for one of her friends and he starts to fall for her as well?

She is deemed the town’s sweetheart and is dealing with an incident that happened almost a year ago that affected her and her little brother.

E!’s The Platinum Life

Advertise with us The season 3 approaches, and all eyes are on Clarke you know, the redhead as she fights for her life… and explores some romantic possibilities. Read our reasonings, and vote in the poll! Clarke and Lexa — Karen Rought The introduction of Lexa as a love interest for Clarke was one of the boldest and most interesting moves The has made over the course of its two seasons.

When Clarke was getting to know Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) last season, Bellamy was inside Mount Weather, a place where Lexa ultimately abandoned him and the rest of the Sky People to die.

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Both lost a Person they loved and both went through horrible experiences. But when they developed feelings in a hopeless place, suddenly it was not just all about surviving but living. Clarke and Lexa showed each other that Life can be beautiful, enjoyable, full of love and what they had with each other will always stay in their and my Heart. These two young women have singular life experiences that no one else around them can truly understand – except of each other.

They are each other’s equal, they push each other, enrich each other, show each other new ways of life and opportunities.

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But instead, Nia staged a coup during the council, and asked for a vote of no confidence against Lexa. Wow, there is very little love lost between Roan and Nia. Some might even say their relationship is … icy. There is so much going on right now in Polis, but I especially need to learn more about this Nightblood mythology! At the single combat showdown, Clarke showed up but clearly felt conflicted.

Honestly, neither do I. And in one of the coolest scenes to date on this show, Lexa and Roan faced off in a shocking, equally matched battle. There were moments where it looked like either of them could win or die …until Lexa got Roan at the end of her spear.

Did Ty Dolla Sign Cheat On His Girlfriend With Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui?