A brief resume of the rise and progress of the B. Company will therefore doubtless be of interest, not only to those familiar with the letters ” B. Founded at a time of national crisis, The Birmingham Small Arms Company is an example of how history repeats itself, as it was directly owing to a shortage of munitions at the outbreak of the Crimean War I that the Company had its inception. Those were days long before a Ministry of Munitions was thought of, and the situation being extremely serious the Government called on sixteen firms of small arms manufacturers in Birmingham to furnish a supply of arms. At this period the rifles were of the muzzle-loading pattern, and were entirely hand-made, but it was not long before the Government commenced the manufacture of rifles by machinery at the Enfield Works. This was shortly followed in by the members of the Birmingham small arms trade consolidating themselves under the title of The Birmingham Small Arms Company. The munition resources of Birmingham being thus co-ordinated, a factory was erected at Small Heath for the manufacture of small arms by machinery. This was opened in , and though considered at the time quite an imposing edifice, the original B.

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While it uses the number five in the model name, it is completely different from the Diana model 5 air pistol that was made after the war. I wrote about that one in a three-part report published in March of this year. That one was titled Finding a Diana 5V air pistol , and it was a one-part all-inclusive report.

Finally, a subreddit where those interested in airguns can turn to for advice, information, and community resources for spring guns, PCP, Ram Air and C

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The subject of this review is the shot,. These Italian craftsmen have built a solid reputation making stocks for European firearms companies, as well as several UK airgun producers. At the front we have an elegant hand-filling forend with an angled tip.

Daystate Pre Charged Hunting Air Rifles. Daystate was the first company to produce modern pre-charged air pneumatics, dating back to the ’s, and their reputation continues to .

I like the rifle, but I’m not a huge fan of using two CO2 cartridges at a time. While I know you can use one full and one empty cartridge in the gun at the same time, I’d prefer to fill the gun from a paintball tank. And get a break from wood-related projects. First a quick word and rant about o-rings and our occasional lapse in mentioning sizes or screwing them up altogether. As I received the old , the o-ring in the cap was a replacement and wasn’t exactly CO2 friendly.

It’s on the right and has swelled with absorbed CO2 gas. The one in the middle has also absorbed some CO2.

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Daystate, the UK’s Premier Airgun Manufacturer with a reputation for producing world-beating airguns for sports, recreational & pest control shooting.

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Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. The shop moved to Brighton in around , when the town was becoming fashionable, thanks to the patronage of the Prince Regent, later George IV. When Charles Arthur died in , the business left family ownership and was sold to Frank Vaughan in The shop continued to trade under the Weston name until , when the premises in New Road finally closed.

Dec 16,  · BSA “Pylarm” no.2 pellet tin (unopened) A tin of pellets dating from circa s. I’ve tried not to tweak these pics too much so as to preserve the actual colours as closely as possible.

Air gun — Both the rifle and handgun forms typically propel metallic projectiles, either the non-spherical pellets, or the spherical BBs. Certain types of air guns may also propel arrows or darts, the first air guns were developed in the s. The guns have used in hunting, sporting and warfare. Air guns use three types of power, depending on the design, spring-piston, pneumatic and compressed carbon dioxide, Air guns represent the oldest pneumatic technology. The oldest existing mechanical air gun, an air gun dating back to about , is in the Livrustkammaren Museum in Stockholm.

This is the time most historians recognize as the beginning of the air gun. In the 17th century, air guns, in calibers.

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This is a British-made, bolt-action hunting rifle. The CF-2 is representative of British sporting arms industry. It features an extended forestock and an optional set trigger. The CF-2 is available in 12 calibers.

Bsa Hornet Air Rifle Manual It is a good way to make sure you are getting the most out of your rifle. There are fitting instructions to accompany the DIY regulator.

Andrea Ruggieri I had the pleasure of trying all Titan models from number 1 to number 14, and I have to say that they are extremely high quality, powerful and above all performance and very long-lived. Sorry for my english, but I hope that I did understand it anyway. By Andrea from Catania, Italy 1 of 1 people found this review useful: Jan Milani The springs are very powerful,and durable. Our Gunsmith will not compromise on the quality of replacement springs, and tuning kits.

A quality spring, 14th Oct Reviewer: Ian Welford A very good quality spring. Be aware however that you may well have to cut the spring down in length. It will need the cut end heating up with a mini blowlamp pencil torch and dressing on a bench grinder to produce a flat end. In my case the spring was 3 inches longer than the original one, so I cut 2 inches off a guess really and only just managed to compress it to refit it.

John Isdale great service will deal with this company a lot 1 of 1 people found this review useful: Martyn Batt A fantastic spring, top quality, very pleased and the service from John Knibbs Int was superb. Robert Rempel I installed spring , took one coil off,this gave me fps using

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