In Lahore, Pakistan, breeding and racing pigeons is an integral part of everyday life. Sometimes, if you want to know what a country’s really like it’s best to look at the small details. It’s something our correspondents are encouraged to do. And it’s what inspired this next story. Night is melting into a pale, blue dawn. Later, when the sun’s up, Lahore will be as exuberant as any other South Asian city.

25 Everyday Examples of Rape Culture

While this list demonstrates the pervasiveness of rape by cis men against cis women, Everyday Feminism would like to note that sexual violence and rape culture affect trans and gender non-conforming people as well as cis men at an alarming rate. But how many of you know what it actually looks like? And, given, after reading these comments, I could have easily dismissed them as just simply fodder written by online trolls and gone on with my day.

The scientific method is a procedure consisting of a series of steps with the goal of problem-solving and information-gathering. The scientific method begins with the recognition of a problem and a clear elaboration or description of the problem itself.

That poet’s eye for detail, that precise yet lyrical way of describing landscape, that interest in people and instinct to find common ground between seemingly disparate cultures. I’m not wholly convinced by some of the parallels she draws between Scotland and Pakistan – I don’t think you can call Scotland’s relationship with England anything like Pakistan’s relationship with India or the Northern Areas’ relationship with the rest of the country an I really love Kathleen Jamie’s travel writing.

I’m not wholly convinced by some of the parallels she draws between Scotland and Pakistan – I don’t think you can call Scotland’s relationship with England anything like Pakistan’s relationship with India or the Northern Areas’ relationship with the rest of the country and, frankly, I find the political narrative of poor wee Scotland being oppressed by the English aggressors very tiresome – but I appreciate what she’s trying to do.

Links, similarities, shared humanity, humour, a questioning spirit. Unfortunately, not many travel there, but Kathleen Jamie did and she’s written a beautiful book about her experiences.

Kalasha: Happiest people in Pakistan?

Anjum says it’s imperative that people of other faiths in Muslim-majority Pakistan show solidarity and support. As Christian citizens, we love and pray for Pakistan. But in addition to the attacks that grab headlines, many Christians in Pakistan say mundane aspects of daily life leave them feeling isolated and neglected. Children hold up placards condemning terrorism at a special service for the victims of the Gulshan Iqbal Park attack. Near the graveyard where the Easter attack victims were buried, the daily deprivation that Youhanabad residents experience is evident.

Banks in Pakistan. A Bank is without a doubt one of the busiest place that caters to needs of unlimited people on a day to day basis. From depositing money to lending loans, from handling clients’ queries to opening thousands of accounts each day, a bank with its complete staff has numerous duties to perform.

Pakistan Table of Contents At independence, Pakistan had a poorly educated population and few schools or universities. Although the education system has expanded greatly since then, debate continues about the curriculum, and, except in a few elite institutions, quality remained a crucial concern of educators in the early s. Adult literacy is low, but improving. In more than 36 percent of adults over fifteen were literate, compared with 21 percent in The rate of improvement is highlighted by the 50 percent literacy achieved among those aged fifteen to nineteen in School enrollment also increased, from 19 percent of those aged six to twenty-three in to 24 percent in However, by the population over twenty-five had a mean of only 1.

This fact explains the minimal criteria for being considered literate:

Veterinary Doctors in Pakistan

Arranged marriage — where spouses do not choose each other — is an unfamiliar and unpalatable idea to most people in the Western world. But those who practice the tradition believe that arranged marriages improve family ties and ensure a good match for their children. In fact, according to senior research psychologist and author Dr.

Everyday Pakistan launched early this year with Saleem as the founder/curator with the assistance of a fellow writer, Anushe Noor. What started as a one-man mission to challenge stereotypes about.

The importance of maths in everyday life The importance of maths in everyday life Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. It is so said because the subject makes a man methodical or systematic. Mathematics makes our life orderly and prevents chaos, writes Chandra Biswas. Aug 3, , Mathematics makes our life orderly and prevents chaos.

Certain qualities that are nurtured by mathematics are power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability and even effective communication skills. Mathematics is the cradle of all creations, without which the world cannot move an inch. Be it a cook or a farmer, a carpenter or a mechanic, a shopkeeper or a doctor, an engineer or a scientist, a musician or a magician, everyone needs mathematics in their day-to-day life.

Even insects use mathematics in their everyday life for existence. Snails make their shells, spiders design their webs, and bees build hexagonal combs. A good curriculum of mathematics is helpful in effective teaching and learning of the subject. Experience says learning mathematics can be made easier and enjoyable if our curriculum includes mathematical activities and games.


Share via Email Pakistani Christians pray for civilians in Swat. The local people are mostly non-tribal and governed by a peaceful provincial government. It was a calm place, but that was before the Taliban established itself here in August

Get this from a library! Everyday Life in South Asia, Second Edition.. [Diane P Mines; Sarah Lamb] — This anthology provides a lively and stimulating view of the lives of ordinary citizens in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. For the second edition of this popular textbook, readings.

Rumour has it the blue-eyed, fair-skinned Kalasha are the descendants of the armies of Alexander the Great. Proud of their warm, caring, crime-free culture, these could just be the happiest people in Pakistan. We sing, gossip and sew. Loveless liaisons hold no appeal for the spirited Kalasha women: Nothing to shout about if you’re a Western woman, but under rural Pakistan’s strict Islamic code, it’s a radical divergence from the norm.

Here in their rustic one-room homes in the valley of Rumbur, the ladies clutch calm, cherubic infants, the progeny of such liberal unions. The fair-skinned Kalasha are said to be descended from the armies of Alexander the Great. It seems the Bashali is the perfect excuse for women to chill out. Up in higher pastures, a shepherd, who like most Kalasha men wears the Pakistani garb of shalwar khameez, is tending his goats. Managing livestock is the main occupation of the men.

On a roof to the left, another violet-eyed beauty is bent over a sewing machine, her eyebrows knit in concentration as she adds a rainbow-colored border to a dress. By her side a wizened old woman sits with a loom between her legs, weaving black cloth for the new clothes they will wear for the three-day Joshi Spring Festival.

1. Choose a reward level.

We believe we can do more, do better, for everyone with hearing loss, and we will not stop until wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses. After all, why should it be any different? Do not delete or try edit this element Hearing means quality of life The ability to hear is such a fundamental part of our lives that most people are taking it for granted.

Introduction and greeting. Combined-family system is usually liked but in these modern times, unit-family system prevails more than the former. Elders are respected heartily and get love and honour from youngsters, even if they are strangers and meeting each other for the very first time in any consequence.

And so is this list of fifty reasons get this powerful living green liquid straight into your belly. Just like a shot of fresh wheatgrass , these doctors will give it to you straight. Wheatgrass therapy is a practice the Clements highly recommend. Here are fifty reasons to drink wheatgrass that could convince even the most grass-averse reader to throw back a green glassful. Take a gander at these tips — and take note of our favorite way to take the shot: Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available today.

However, to get the full benefit, the chlorophyll must come fresh from a living plant. Wheatgrass juice is an effective healer because it contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

The chlorophyll molecules closely resemble that of the hemin molecule, the pigment which combines with protein to form hemoglobin. The molecular structure of these two substances is almost identical in all other respects. Chlorophyll contains enzymes and super- oxide dismutase, a copper-containing protein found in mature red blood cells.

Women, girls and Malala: Research on gender and education in Pakistan, and beyond

How writing can help improve your everyday life: Writing is useful for everyone Contributor Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article I believe, all of you write at least a few words every day. These are notes while you discuss some Work issue, shopping lists, e-mails, Skype or Facebook messages. But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to say is that the thoughtful process of writing is more then just putting down some words on paper or screen.

Writing for studies Well, of course, every student has to write at least something during lectures and seminars.

Everyday Science Mcqs. Here you will find the Everyday General Science Multiple Choice Questions from Biology,Chemistry,Physics and Atmospheric Studies.

The national flag is dark green, with a white vertical stripe at the hoist and a white crescent and five-pointed star in the center. The opening lines of the national anthem, sung in Urdu, are “Blessed be the sacred land, Happy be the bounteous realm, Symbol of high resolve, land of Pakistan, Blessed be thou citadel of faith. The rupee r is a paper currency of paisa. There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50 paisa and of 1 rupee, and notes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, , , and 1, rupees.

The metric system was introduced in and made mandatory as of 1 January Comparatively, the area occupied by Pakistan is slightly less than twice the size of the state of California. The enclave of Junagadh, claimed by Pakistan, and Jammu and Kashmir, divided between Pakistan and India by the “line of control,” are not included in the area.

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan Limited

Everyday Life and the Effects of Terror The Conflict Peace is a global ideal, but around the world people face violence—terrorism—on a regular basis. From Northern Ireland to Israel, Palestine, and other points on the globe, many individuals face the threat, uncertainty, and fear of terrorism every day. Newspaper headlines will report a bombing or a hijacking, quote official statements, and print pictures of the devastation, but the people who pick up their lives from the rubble around them must continue to carry on long after the media stories are written, the camera lights have faded, and the world’s attention has turned.

What is it like to live with terrorism as a regular presence in one’s life and what are its effects? Conversation, daily concerns, and living with the heightened risks of sudden, violent injury or death can change people’s expectations, actions, outlooks, and interactions with one another. In an environment of prolonged violence, the unusual or unacceptable can become acceptable and “normal.

Discovered in the late s, the element indium was given its name because of the violet light it produced on the spectrum. This lesson explains how indium is used within our world, especially.

Like this lesson Share Cesium was discovered over years ago, and since then there have been several uses for this chemical element. In this lesson we will learn what cesium is used for today and what it might be used for in the future. Cesium and Cell Phones You pull out your phone, ask how to get to the nearest pizza place, and the next thing you know your phone is giving directions and telling you how long it will take to get there.

Most of the time we hardly even think about how all of this occurs. One thing that allows cell phones, GPS, and the internet to work are atomic clocks. The more technical name for atomic clocks is cesium clocks. The atomic clock is made using cesium and is extremely accurate at keeping time Cesium is used in many different applications. Cesium is most commonly used in everyday life with atomic clocks. In fact, the definition of a second is based upon cesium. When a cesium atom vibrates, it goes between two energy levels within a specific amount of time.

One second is the amount of time it takes the cesium atom to vibrate between these two energy levels 9, , , times! So this atom is vibrating really quickly!

Lahore – Cultural capital of Pakistan