The information below was gathered and amalgamated from various sources on the Internet. Sadly, I didn’t keep a record of where it all came from, but none of it is my own work. I can at least say thanks to Agent Orange, JoT, “mach 0. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of this information, but I’ve found it useful as a first step in estimating dates of manufacture for some of the watches in my collection. Serial numbers may be found on movements, case backs or dials depending on the make, model and age of the watch in question. It’s not unusual to find movements that are one or two years older than the cases containing them. So, how old is your watch? Bulova used a two character identification system. The first character is a letter defining the decade of manufacture: So “M6”, for example, is

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The precursor to the Hamilton Watch Co. Keystone manufactured watches featuring a patented “Dust Proof” design that used a small acrylic “window” to cover the only opening in the plate of the movement. The name of the new company was originally to be “Columbian,” but when it was discovered the Waterbury Watch Company had trademarked that name, a meeting of stock holders was called in November and a new name selected.

Railroads purchased all of Hamilton’s production.

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D Sutton as we head straight into back-to-school season. D Sutton to reinvent the backpack line just in time for the back to school season. The BENRUS bag collection will expand beyond its current select retailers and become available at key North American retailers and available online at http: D Sutton The collection infuses its iconic heritage with updated styles with an emphasis on functionality, durable fabrics and military inspired detail.

This season captures the adventures spirit of the brand. Soon thereafter the brand quickly grew into the third largest watch company in the U.

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Since Benrus had neither a watch movement factory nor the machinery needed for it here in the US , they were not required to do this. They managed to continue bringing Swiss watch movements into the US during the war and were able to keep selling their own watches. This gave them a great advantage when the war ended. It was during the s that Benrus produced some of their best watches. The most notable of these would have to be their infamous calendar watch which was introduced in the late s.

The date would advance as you pushed the crown in. In the s Benrus would introduce some of their most innovative watches. Their Dial-a-rama watch was a futuristic version of the old jump hour watches of the s. They also had windows in the dial to show the hour and minutes. The earlier jump hours only had windows in the case. This feature would tell you how much the mainspring was wound without actually winding the watch.

The Benrus alarm watch, also introduced in the s, probably outsold every other brand of alarm watch being marketed at the same time.

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September 16, in Other Tags: Lip have an interesting history dating back to Their horological achievements include working with Pierre and Marie Curie to develop the first phosphorescent dials in the birth of lume! Like many others, Lip suffered during the quartz revolution and things came to a head in April Buoyed by the popular support, the workers decided to move the business forward under worker control, resuming production and selling the seized 65, watches at cost price to raise capital.

The government attempted to calm the situation and restore order, but the workers refused to cooperate.

Omega manual wind with original waffle dial. Gold markers and hands. Signed Omega crown. Movement is calibre , dating from Case is 80 micron gold made by Central Watch Case.

Click pictures to enlarge One of several US watch companies to help the war effort, Benrus produced wristwatches for WWII service personnel as well as timing devices for bombs and other weaponry. Although seen as a burden to most, the war years were particularly good for Benrus. As all the other contributing US watch companies Waltham, Elgin and Hamilton had manufacturing bases in the US, they were required to produce additional items, often unrelated to their core business which required modifications to their production facilities.

This allowed them to steal a march on their competitors and increase their share of the civilian market both during and after the war. In the Department of Defence revised the existing MIL-W A standard for military wristwatches with the aim of increasing quality, removing the need to re-test all watches every year, and to introduce a new case design. According to the current owner, this watch was bought from a house sale in Minneapolis from a Vietnam veteran who had photographs of his time serving in Vietnam war — all good provenance.

Much like the Hamilton W10 issued to British service personnel, the Benrus is housed in a one-piece case. The split stem has be separated first, followed by the removal of the crystal to gain access to the movement which sits in a spacer inside the case to ensure a secure fit. The movement inside is a Benrus cal.

#3612 Bulova selfwinding date – unusual design

It is an amazing watch and I could not be more satisfied. Special pricing made it possible sooner than I thought, and I believe I got a true bargain in a dive watch recognized around the world. My sincere thanks to all at Doxa who had a hand in producing my Seaconqueror. As an owner of a few Rolex’s and Tags, I was recently thinking of adding a Rolex Sub to my collection.

us issued vietnam military watches. categories: historic, all watches after the benrus were single case. steel and plastic. benrus built 10, for the marine corps. thus the dating of the watch and the actual specifications are required in many circumstances to discover .

How to Open a Watch Case While opening a watch isn’t rocket science, a watch can be damaged if you try to open it incorrectly. Never use a screwdriver to try to open a case. If you really aren’t sure what to do, take it to one of your local jewelers and ask them to show you how to open it. While it is open, make sure you record everything written on the movement of the watch and the watch case. These details can sometimes be important. A good description of how to open a pocket watch case and background information can be found here , thanks to the work of Kent Singer.

Opening wrist watch cases, especially ones made after around , some times requires special tools. Earlier wrist watches are often similar to pocket watches. Watch movement made by Elgin National Watch Co. People would go to the local jewelry store, pick out a watch movement that they liked, and then with the money left over, they would pick out a watch case.

Benrus DTU-2A/P (Benrus Cal. DR 2F2)

These pieces are sold in unprecedented numbers. In Bulova introduces the first full line of men’s jeweled wristwatches. Bulova perfects a new concept in the watch industry with total standardization of parts. Every part of a Bulova watch is made with such precision standardized to the ten thousandth part of an inch that it is interchangeable with the same part in any other Bulova watch.

This revolutionizes the servicing of watches in the industry. The supply is sold out within three days.

benrus quoted a unit price of $ each for a quantity of 10, wrist watches or a total cost of $, ON FEBRUARY 20, , AN AMENDMENT WAS ISSUED EXTENDING THE CLOSING DATE TO FEBRUARY 27,

Another British Military watch on the blog this time, and something of an enigma. The watch is very similar in style and size to the W10 made by Hamilton from and subsequently by CWC from and it shares all of the attributes required to adhere to the strict standards for military use. The case is opened by removing the crystal and splitting the two-piece stem, and inside is a 17 jewel, manually wound calibre made by A.

It has a higher beat rate, 28, bph as opposed to 21, bph, and also has a micro-adjustment mechanism mounted on the balance cock for more accurate regulation. Here is a picture of a cal. In the picture above, the stem is pushed all the way in — in the winding position — and so the stem presses on hacking lever, it pivots around the fixed axis just above the castle wheel and the lower arm of the lever releases the balance allowing it to rotate freely.

The watch arrived in decent condition and needed no more than a movement service, a crystal polish and an ultrasonic clean for the case, so here it is all back in one piece. So, who made these watches? With no markings on the dial, movement or inside the case, the jury is still out. It is thought that around were made, all of which were issued in

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April 18, in Chronograph Tags: Fast forward a decade or so and Breitling released the first version of the watch in this post, the Superocean Ref. The main differences between the two versions are that the early model has no running seconds subdial and has a plain diving bezel rather than the yachting bezel found on the later model. As you can see in the first picture, the watch in this post arrived in pretty poor condition. Once out of the case, judging by the condition of the dial and the missing lume, it was clear that the watch had also had some moisture in it at some time.

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November 22, in Military Tags: Inside the caseback the movement is protected by a substantial dust cover… … which when removed, reveals a 15 jewel manually wound calibre, the Bulova cal. In this case complete and running but quite dirty. As well as having the 17 jewel 10BNCH movement, the A17A was fitted with straight hands with a defined point and a second hand with a ball at one end and an luminous arrow at the tip.

They were produced in accordance with the MIL-W A specification which was more stringent in terms of testing than the specification. When the crown is pulled out the tension on the spring is released and the levers are forced apart, the lever on the left arresting the balance. With the movement serviced, the case cleaned and the crystal polished it was time to rebuild.

Omega Serial Numbers by Year

I notice that nobody answered your question. Nothing fishy is going on. Hope this helps, gatorcpa Reply With […] Help with a beautiful vintage omega- really want to pull the trigger but unsure!

SKA Watches Sunday, 17 April The first automatic watches that Benrus produced were “bumper” style. They had an oscillator that did not rotate around the watch. ‘s Bulova develops a dating system for their watches. A letter followed by a number indicates the year of manufacture. L4=, M7=, N2= and so on.

The Movement What do I do if my watch has stopped running? The first step is to see if the battery needs to be replaced. Most watch batteries are designed to last about 2 years. However, some quartz watches are designed to have extended battery life, which can last up to 3 or more years. Most of these watches do not have second hands. A watch service technician will check the battery and the condition of the contacts.

How to Change Day & Date on a Benrus Two Tone Water Resistant Quartz Mens Watch