See Article History Ancient Iran, also known as Persia, historic region of southwestern Asia that is only roughly coterminous with modern Iran. Parsa was the name of an Indo-European nomadic people who migrated into the region about bc. During the rule of the Persian Achaemenian dynasty — bc , the ancient Greeks first encountered the inhabitants of Persis on the Iranian plateau, when the Achaemenids—natives of Persis—were expanding their political sphere. The Achaemenids were the dominant dynasty during Greek history until the time of Alexander the Great , and the use of the name Persia was gradually extended by the Greeks and other peoples to apply to the whole Iranian plateau. The two terms, however, are often used interchangeably when referring to periods preceding the 20th century. This article covers the history of Iran and the Iranian peoples from the prehistoric period up to the Arab conquest in the 7th century ad. For the history of the succeeding periods, see the article Iran. For a discussion of the religions of ancient Iran, see Iranian religion. The sources for the prehistoric period are entirely archaeological.

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South of this lies Babylonia , named after the city of Babylon. However, in the broader sense, the name Mesopotamia has come to be used for the area bounded on the northeast by the Zagros Mountains and on the southwest by the edge of the Arabian Plateau and stretching from the Persian Gulf in the southeast to the spurs of the Anti-Taurus Mountains in the northwest.

As a result of the slow flow of the water, there are heavy deposits of silt, and the riverbeds are raised. Consequently, the rivers often overflow their banks and may even change their course when they are not protected by high dikes.

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South of this lies Babylonia , named after the city of Babylon. However, in the broader sense, the name Mesopotamia has come to be used for the area bounded on the northeast by the Zagros Mountains and on the southwest by the edge of the Arabian Plateau and stretching from the Persian Gulf in the southeast to the spurs of the Anti-Taurus Mountains in the northwest. As a result of the slow flow of the water, there are heavy deposits of silt, and the riverbeds are raised.

Consequently, the rivers often overflow their banks and may even change their course when they are not protected by high dikes. In recent times they have been regulated above Baghdad by the use of escape channels with overflow reservoirs. The extreme south is a region of extensive marshes and reed swamps, hawr s, which, probably since early times, have served as an area of refuge for oppressed and displaced peoples.

Consequently, agriculture without risk of crop failure, which seems to have begun in the higher rainfall zones and in the hilly borders of Mesopotamia in the 10th millennium bce, began in Mesopotamia itself, the real heart of the civilization, only after artificial irrigation had been invented, bringing water to large stretches of territory through a widely branching network of canals. Since the ground is extremely fertile and, with irrigation and the necessary drainage, will produce in abundance, southern Mesopotamia became a land of plenty that could support a considerable population.

The cultural superiority of north Mesopotamia, which may have lasted until about bce, was finally overtaken by the south when the people there had responded to the challenge of their situation. The present climatic conditions are fairly similar to those of 8, years ago. The availability of raw materials is a historical factor of great importance, as is the dependence on those materials that had to be imported.

In Mesopotamia, agricultural products and those from stock breeding, fisheries, date palm cultivation, and reed industries—in short, grain, vegetables, meat, leather, wool, horn, fish , dates, and reed and plant-fibre products—were available in plenty and could easily be produced in excess of home requirements to be exported. On the other hand, wood, stone, and metal were rare or even entirely absent. The date palm—virtually the national tree of Iraq—yields a wood suitable only for rough beams and not for finer work.

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Akkadian and Sumerian texts of the late third millennium B. Elamite rulers of the second millennium B. By the middle of the first millennium B.

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Share this article Share ‘Export of the painting has now been banned, and every effort is being made to confirm its precise origin,’ said a culture ministry spokesman. The ministry’s official website meanwhile says: Mr Turquin said the painting was so gory that the officer’s wife probably asked for it to be removed from her sight. The other disappeared without trace around years later, and would now be worth at least million pounds.

The Louvre Museum in Paris is now among world famous art institutions considering making an offer for the painting. Caravaggio was born in Milan in , and became one of the great Baroque painters, working mainly in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily. But he also had a fiery temper, frequently started brawls and once even killed a man. He was born in Milan in but spent most of his early life in Caravaggio, Lombardy, from which he took his name. Aged 21 he went to Rome, where he struggled to survive by selling paintings of fruits and flowers on the street.

Then, in , a leading Cardinal, Francesco del Monte, took Caravaggio into his circle, where the young artist was able to gain his first public commissions. His works – which were produced by painting directly onto canvas with minimal preparation – quickly won him fame. But his temper got the better of him and in he stabbed a man, possibly over a lover – or even a tennis match.

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I certify that Captain Gracey, committed for Armenia and Kurdistan, of the British Military Mission, attached to the General Staff of the Caucasian army, came from Vanat the end of the year and held in Urumia a special meeting of the Assyrian and foreign representatives and invited the Assyrian people to take up arms. He solemnly promised them financial and political assistance of his Government, both during the War and after the final regulation of the peace.

Requested by Captain Gracey, I attended the meeting in my capacity as Russian Consul and together with the other Foreign Representatives, I declared that if the Assyrians took up arms against the enemies, they could count after the war on making them obtain their independence which they would have well merited. Gracey making his declaration, flying officer Pennington British visited the Assyrians in for the same object, promising them finance and war material which never reached them.

The Assyrians were told that they could join the British in Sam Qala.

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In the midst of all these food preparations, after ferreting out the most creative menorah and those special artisan candles, we don’t want to lose sight of the holiday. How can we have the perfect Chanukah? All beginnings are based on understanding. There was a prominent advertising campaign for a shopping mall in southern California whose motto was “Don’t Blend In. In fashion, it’s clear. For some there is nothing more mortifying than to catch an acquaintance wearing the same outfit as you.

While we may have mixed feelings about the application of this motto to clothing, the application to Jewish pride should be unambivalent. Chanukah is the holiday of Jewish pride; it’s the time when we made a historic commitment not to blend in. Despite the allure of Greek society, despite the capitulation of many of our brothers and sisters, the true heroes were those who stood apart.

They were not seduced by the blandishments of the Greeks; they knew they held a precious treasure and it was not to be relinquished… Related Article: Perceiving the danger that her people were in — the physical danger of the Assyrians at the door, and the spiritual danger should Jerusalem fall, she devised a plan. Her town was under siege, its inhabitants on the verge of surrender due to lack of water when Yehudis acted.

Pious and resourceful, she requested a meeting with the Assyrian General Holofornes.

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Provides a global registry of compositions rather than objects, supporting the creation of scores on Oracc. Managed by Eleanor Robson at the University of Cambridge. This rich, open-access corpus has been made available through the kind permission of Kirk Grayson and Grant Frame and with funding provided by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Royal Inscriptions of Babylonia online This project intends to present annotated editions of the entire corpus of Babylonian royal inscriptions from the Second Dynasty of Isin to the Neo-Babylonian Dynasty BC.

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Sites Christians in Iraq dating in a modern online dating sites hyderabad Holocaust. They are being forced from their assyrian and assyrian options to leave on foot or die by the sword by the terrorist group ISIS. They need help in many forms to be able to leave the country for datinh. Even if someone does not believe sites this religion….

Jun 25,  · ANI and ASI are not ‘markers’ but ‘clusters’. The evidence is quite robust that ANI is closer to western Eurasian populations than to ASI while the latter is a population isolate.

It was written using cuneiform , a script adopted from the Sumerians using wedge-shaped symbols pressed in wet clay. As employed by Akkadian scribes, the adapted cuneiform script could represent either a Sumerian logograms i. However, in Akkadian the script practically became a fully fledged syllabic script , and the original logographic nature of cuneiform became secondary, though logograms for frequent words such as ‘god’ and ‘temple’ continued to be used.

For this reason, the sign AN can on the one hand be a logogram for the word ilum ‘god’ and on the other signify the god Anu or even the syllable -an-. Additionally, this sign was used as a determinative for divine names. Another peculiarity of Akkadian cuneiform is that many signs do not have a well-defined phonetic value. Both of these are often used for the same syllable in the same text. Cuneiform was in many ways unsuited to Akkadian:

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The Kassites, like the Amorite rulers who had preceded them, were not originally native to Mesopotamia. Rather, they had first appeared in the Zagros Mountains of what is today northwestern Iran. The ethnic affiliation of the Kassites is unclear. However, their language was not Semitic nor Indo-European , and is thought to have been either a language isolate or possibly related to the Hurro-Urartian language family of Anatolia, [11] although the evidence for its genetic affiliation is meager due to the scarcity of extant texts.

However, several Kassite leaders may have borne Indo-European names , and they may have had an Indo-European elite similar to the Mitanni elite that later ruled over the Hurrians of central and eastern Anatolia.

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Islamic State jihadists open ‘marriage bureau’ 28 Jul Reduced to no more than a mere hundred thousand, most fled their cities to the mountains of Kurdistan in the Ottoman and Persian Empires. Then, after the Ottoman Army has finished massacring 50 per cent of their population, 20th century Iraq also turned its back on its own natives, executing 3, of them in less than five days. And somehow, those people — the Assyrians, the indigenous Aramaic-speaking people of northern Iraq — took a cursory glance at their wounds, said a prayer, and returned to their daily lives.

But on June 10, the Islamic State reminded Assyrians that those wounds were never closed: As Mosul is engulfed in flames and the tragedy unfolds, its Assyrians have fled to the Nineveh Plains, the heart of their ancestral homeland. And yet again, their monasteries and churches have proven to be not only spiritual, but also physical refuges. Numbering 2 million worldwide, Assyrians have felt the walls of Nineveh crumbling down around them.

As a semi-flourishing, yet continually fearful rural minority in a country that was once hailed for its ethnic diversity, they numbered over one million in Now, over ten years later, they number nearly , — in their homeland. Attacks on this ancient community have not ceased. But a glimmer of hope remains: On January 21, the Iraqi government met to approve a plan that would make the Nineveh Plains — a large area composed of nearly 50 per cent Assyrians — a province.

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Assyrian Conquest The Assyrians, who conquer northern Israel, introduce a new way of dealing with vanquished nations. At a time when the Jewish people of the northern kingdom of Israel are weakening spiritually, as well as physically and militarily, the Assyrians are growing stronger. If you go the British Museum in London, you can see some fascinating Assyrian artifacts from this period. That palace belonged to King Sennacherib, and the relief shows the siege of the Israelite city of Lachish; it was conquered by Sennacherib, who then boasted about it on his palace walls.

The British stripped the relief from the Nineveh palace and brought to the British Museum. The Jewish dating system and the Christian dating system vary by as much as years for the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian periods, but by the time we get to the Roman period i.

History of Mesopotamia, history of the region in southwestern Asia where the world’s earliest civilization developed. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “between rivers,” referring to the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, but the region can be broadly defined to include the area that is now eastern Syria, southeastern Turkey, and most of Iraq.

Dating The dating of Lydian Lion coins is “the most challenging question in ancient Greek numismatic scholarship,” according to Nicholas Cahill and John H. Alyattes was the father of Kroisos Croesus , the Lydian king of legendary wealth who was likely the first to strike coins of pure gold and silver. Alyattes is infrequently referred to as Alyattes II. One well-respected ancient coin auction house recently changed its attributions of these coins to Alyattes II, and a few other auction houses and dealers have since followed suit.

Wikipedia uses “Alyattes II,” based on the online Encyclopaedia of the Orient , though this online work provides no references. This may have been the source used by the online Encyclopaedia of the Orient as well. It’s likely that Classical Dictionary based it usage on ancient epigraphs or on works whose usage was based on ancient epigraphs, epigraphs being lists of kings on clay tablets and other media. According to the epigraphic tradition,, “Alyattes I” was an earlier king of Lydia, during the eighth century BC, and part of the Tylonid dynasty.

According to these lists, the demigod Herakles was the progenitor of the Lydians. Using old references can shed interesting light on the state of scholarship in the past, but it can be problematic with ancient coin attributions when done in isolation. Epigraphic lists are known by historians today to be generally unreliable as historical documents.

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